About Viva Electric

At Viva Electric, we provide our clients quick and reliable electrical solutions for their homes and businesses, but it is our aim to do more than that. At the core of our culture, we want to light up the lives of those around us including our communities, clients and co-workers. We believe in treating each other like family, spreading kindness where we can and leaving people better than when we found them.

  • Family
    ‘VIVA’ means ‘long lasting’. We started Viva with the hopes that it would become a legacy, like its name implies, and that the employees and customers would become family. The Viva Family means everything to us.
  • Passion
    Viva is powered through passion. Our team brings passion to work with them every day in everything that they do. The passion to grow, learn, and empower those around us to be the best they can be, so we can serve our customers and our community with excellence.
  • Connection
    It is through community connection and strong client relations that has made Viva Electric what it is today. ‘VIVA’ means ‘long-lasting’, and we do not want to be just your electrician— we want to be your electrician for life.

“Our mission is to light up the lives of those around us: with our employees, with our clients and within our community.”


Jimmy and Maegan are high school sweethearts. They met when she was 15 and he was 17. They became adults together, they became parents together and are constantly attributing their success to being the best partners together in life and in business. In 2017 they decided it was time to go out on their own, go at their own pace and go after their dream — it was the spark that started Viva Electric.