About Viva Electric

At Viva Electric, we provide our clients quick and reliable electrical solutions for their homes and businesses, but it is our aim to do more than that. At the core of our culture, we want to light up the lives of those around us including our communities, clients and co-workers. We believe in treating each other like family, spreading kindness where we can and leaving people better than when we found them.

  • Family
    ‘VIVA’ means ‘long lasting’. We started Viva with the hopes that it would become a legacy, like its name implies, and that the employees and customers would become family. The Viva Family means everything to us.
  • Passion
    Viva is powered through passion. Our team brings passion to work with them every day in everything that they do. The passion to grow, learn, and empower those around us to be the best they can be, so we can serve our customers and our community with excellence.
  • Connection
    It is through community connection and strong client relations that has made Viva Electric what it is today. ‘VIVA’ means ‘long-lasting’, and we do not want to be just your electrician— we want to be your electrician for life.

“Our mission is to light up the lives of those around us: with our employees, with our clients and within our community.”


Since 2017, the original founders of Viva Electric – Jimmy & Maegan Giler – have been servicing North Carolina homeowners’ electrical needs for years. First high school sweethearts and now business partners, the Giler’s have grown together both personally and professionally throughout the years while manning their 6 electric and 3 air locations. Now part of the founding partners of NuBlue Service Group, the Giler’s maintain the Electric and Air side of business.

Fastforwad to 2019, a exceptionally bright and overwhelmingly charming kid from Valdese, North Carolina – Austin Helms – joins the trades scene with the kick off of his own entrepreneurial venture – Ease Plumbing. Since then, Austin’s venture has exploded across the state, with our plumbing locations currently sitting at 8 locations and growing. Now part of the founding partners of NuBlue Service Group, Austin Helms maintains the Plumbing side of business.

Jimmy Giler was first introduced to the electrical industry right out of high school and hasn’t looked back since. His skill in the field (where you can still catch him from time to time!) is only surpassed by the excellent customer service he provides his clientele. Originally hailing from Ecuador, Jimmy’s immigration experience and rebuilding a life from scratch has resulted in a resourceful, humble, and incredibly resilient human being. When not in the field or on the phone, you can catch Jimmy spending his downtime on the golf course, driving his ATV, or spending time with Maegan and kids.

Maegan Giler was born into the trades to a Charlotte-based electrical contractor and is the third generation in her family to work in the industry. After spending her early years on jobsites and at the supply house, as well as typing up countless estimates and invoices, she then gained experience working with local GC’s and within the insurance adjusting world. With trades and business experience then under her belt, Maegan discovered she actually enjoyed working with her other half, and they both did it quite well together. Et voila! Viva Electric was born. When not behind a computer screen, you can find Maegan in her garden or cooking something pretty amazing for Jimmy, kids, and close friends in her downtime.

Austin Helms was born knowing he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Having started his very first business at the age of seven, Austin has always known the business world is his oyster. Through his hard work and support of his team, Helms hopes to build an enduring legacy that will last for many generations and impacts thousands. When he is not helping grow NuBlue, Austin performs benefit auctions for non-profitsacross the Southeast under the name Caring Chant Auctions. Never one to stay still for long, you can find Austin enthusiastically never having downtime, volunteering his auctioneering skills with Caring Chant Auctions events, and off travelling the world in search of new adventures and new opportunities.

As of January 2023, the young entrepreneurs and close business colleagues teamed up to form the one-stop-shop, NuBlue Service Group. NuBlue Service Group is a residential and commercial service group assisting with the Electrical, Plumbing, and Air needs across the majority of North Carolina via multiple locations.