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Commitment to Longevity: Viva Electric is a Generac Certified Dealer

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“Viva” is an exclamation that means long live; when Maegan and Jimmy Giler first started Viva Electric it was their goal to create something that would become a legacy, like its name implies. 

As Charlotte’s top-rated electrical company, it is our goal to become a legacy within our community for the ways that we light up people’s homes and their lives, but also for how we provide quality products that stand up to the test of time. 

Not only do we want our name to represent the company, but also the products and services that we offer to the Viva family. Our team of expertly trained electricians are constantly working to learn new techniques, stay up to date on new technologies, earn higher certifications and uncover the highest-quality products. 

Recently, Viva Electric became a Generac Certified Dealer which allows our teams to offer an even more robust product line to our residential, commercial and industrial markets. 

Generac was the first company to put affordable home standby generators on the market and is now the number one manufacturer of home backup generators. As the #1 name in home backup generators, Generac features a comprehensive inventory of innovative and industry-leading machines that will empower you when you need it most. 

A reliable home generator is essential to make sure your family can stay safe and warm during major storms and power outages. As part of Viva’s commitment to longevity, our team will partner with you to set up routine generator maintenance checks and review the spark plugs, oil quality, filters, battery life and more to make sure your Generac generator is at its peak performance. 

Viva is proud to offer Generac’s top-of-the line products for residential, commercial and industrial markets throughout the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area. As our name says, we are committed to a long-lasting legacy and partnership with our customers and providing quality products that will light up the lives of our community is part of that promise. 

Give our expert team a call today to find out how Viva Electric can light up your life for the long run. 

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