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Dad, Thanks For Being A Light In Our Lives

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Viva Electric believes in the importance of family. Our name means “long lasting” and when Maegan and Jimmy Giler started Viva Electric, they had the dream that it would become a legacy, like its name implies. From the start, Viva Electric has been a company that believes its employees and customers are family, and this family means everything to us. 

As Father’s Day approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to share how our fathers have brightened our lives. 

Luis Flores, one of Viva’s expert electricians, is a dad himself and shares with us what he loves most about being a dad. “You’re no longer the center of the universe. For maybe the first time ever, you care about somebody else more than you care about yourself. Their happiness, their health, their sense of well being and personal security, is more important than your own. You would give up everything for them, without even a second thought.”


Maegan Giler, co-owner of Viva Electric, says her dad lights up the lives of everyone around him and “is a friend to anyone and everyone— he has never met a stranger.”  Anyone who has met Sam knows this to be true and is better for it. 

Sam is also a key player in how Viva Electric started in the first place. Sam worked as a local electrician at a small company and gave Jimmy his first opportunity to learn the trade. But it wasn’t just a professional opportunity that Sam gave him, it was an opportunity to discover a trade that he’d soon learn he loved. 


Jimmy is the best Papi we all know and love. Viva was founded on a dream, a dream that a visionary like Jimmy made a reality. Our founder’s best attribute is his heart, and he is an inspiration to our Viva Family! Thank you, Jimmy, for always challenging us to be the best version of ourselves and for lighting up the lives of everyone around you. 



At Viva Electric, it is our mission to light up the lives of those around us, not just with new chandeliers, upgraded wiring, home generators or outdoor lighting fixtures, but also by the relationships that we build each and every day with the people in our community. Whether we know it or not, each one of us is reflecting the light that our fathers so brightly shone into our lives for years and years. 

Thank you dads everywhere for being a light, for brightening our days, and for shining in the darkest moments.  

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