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How Our Moms Have Brightened Our Lives

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Viva Electric believes in the importance of family. Our name means “long lasting” and when Maegan and Jimmy Giler started Viva Electric, they had the dream that it would become a legacy, like its name implies. From the start, Viva Electric has been a company that believes its employees and customers are family, and this family means everything to us. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to share how our mothers have brightened our lives. 

Jimmy Giler, co-owner of Viva Electric reflected on his mother’s work ethic remembering how she worked three jobs to support their family growing up. It’s because of her example that Jimmy has the work ethic he does today. 


Michelle Cooke, Director of Operations at Viva Electric recalled some of her favorite memories with her mom. “My favorite memory about my mom is how every Christmas she beautifully decorated the house for us to enjoy. Waking up on the Saturday after she decked the halls was the best; the sounds, the smells…I loved everything about it. The thing I admire the most about my mom is her tenacity and strong work ethic, she is a force of a woman. A force that had a great impact on my life, I feel blessed to have her as my mother and especially for having such a strong female figure in my life to look up to and to learn from.”


As a mom herself, Michelle says that being a mom “is the best title I have in life. The thing I love most about being a mom is witnessing my boys grow into beautiful humans with strong values. I love feeding their minds and their hearts.”

The influence our moms have often transcends into every facet of our lives. Maegan Giler, co-owner of Viva Electric, said, “I have memories of my mom always being in the kitchen, feeding anyone and everyone. She taught me that food = love.”

Being a mom herself, she shares that she loves seeing her kids’ personalities and talents constantly evolving and growing, and loves “being able to call these wonderful individuals mine.”


The impact Maegan has had on her family is evident in her children’s lives. Nicholai Giler, son of Jimmy and Maegan Giler said, “My mom has always been strong and kind no matter how hard times got for us.” He says the most important thing she has taught him is “always be kind to others.”

At Viva Electric, it is our mission to light up the lives of those around us, not just with new chandeliers, upgraded wiring or outdoor lighting fixtures, but also by the relationships that we build each and every day with the people in our community. Whether we know it or not, each one of us is reflecting the light that our mothers so brightly shone into our lives for years and years. 

Thank you moms everywhere for being a light, for brightening our days, and for shining in the darkest moments.  

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