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Light Up Your Life Feature Story: Tommy and The Veteran

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This time of year we often hear stories about people giving back, going the extra mile to help a neighbor in need and finding ways to make a difference in their community. At Viva Electric, this is the foundation of our company and culture all year long. It is our mission to light up the lives of our community, our clients and our teammates through every conversation, on every job and every interaction we have. 

Lighting up people’s lives can come in many different forms. Whether it’s by delivering the highest quality service, going the extra mile for our clients, helping a team member out on a job or seeing a need and meeting it, there are hundreds of ways that our team members light a spark daily. 

Tommy Vaughn, one of Viva’s lead electricians, saw an opportunity to light up someone’s life and took it without hesitation. Tommy was having coffee with Bob, a career and leadership development coach, and discussing ways that he could grow personally and professionally when he met a veteran in need.

This veteran knew Bob and came over to speak with him about how he was having trouble with his wheelchair and could not get ahold of the right person at the VA to help. 

Bob, being mindful of Tommy’s time, assured the veteran that he would be in touch to help him once his meeting was over, but Tommy wouldn’t hear of it. Right then and there he offered to help. He took a look at the veteran’s wheelchair, figured out what part needed to be repaired and called the VA himself, arranged for the part to be ordered and took care of the situation. 

Tommy didn’t know this veteran but he knew he was someone who needed help. He saw the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. He knew that helping someone in that moment was more important than his meeting. 

All because of a cup of coffee, a leadership development meeting and a willingness to help, a veteran’s needs were met by a stranger. Opportunity surrounds us if we only have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to help. 

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