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Meet Viva Electric’s Raleigh Market Leader: Andrew Edwards

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In February of 2022, Viva Electric opened its doors in Raleigh and began lighting up people’s lives. Founded in 2017, this residential and commercial electrical contractor set out with the mission to become a long-lasting legacy as its name implies and to light up the lives of its clients, communities and team members. 

Since its founding in 2017, Viva Electric has achieved astounding growth, and that is largely due to its Market Leader program. Through this program, Viva Electric is empowering those who work in the trades to own their own branch of the company and light up the lives of the people within their community. This position is meant to give electricians the feeling of ownership and the freedom to run their own shop without the headaches of finances, marketing, dispatching, accounting, and all things on the backend. 

Andrew Edwards has been an electrician for over a decade and is proud to be Viva Electric’s Raleigh Market Leader. At the beginning of his career, Andrew was primarily working on generators and then moved to a broader scope of residential electrical service. Now, he is able to do what he loves as an electrician while pursuing his dreams of running his own shop. 

“I’ve always wanted to do my own thing, but it’s super scary to get out there,” he said. “This is my chance to do my own thing without going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.” Viva Electric will be providing the financial support along with the marketing, human resources, payroll, dispatch and accounting so that Andrew can focus on lighting up his clients’ lives. 

“The Market Leader program is a unique opportunity for these electricians to not only change their lives but to revolutionize the industry,” said Maegan Giler, co-owner of Viva Electric. “We are looking to breathe new life into the trades and empower these electricians to make a difference within their communities.”

Through Viva Electric’s Market Leader Program, Andrew will not only have the opportunity to make his dreams a reality but to help other electricians do the same.  He says he is “most excited about being able to create an environment where people want to come to work.”

Viva Electric’s mission is to light up the lives of their employees, teammates and communities, and Andrew and his team are eager to do just that in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Viva Electric’s services include electrical panel repairs and replacements, home generator installations, outlet installation, home wiring upgrades, circuit breaker repairs, electric vehicle charger installations and more. To make your appointment with Andrew and his team, give Viva Electric a call at (980) 206-3787 or book online

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