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Protect Your Home Electrical Equipment From A Power Surge

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We rely on having working electrical equipment in our homes, so we stay safe, comfortable, and entertained, too! That’s why you should protect it against damage caused by power surges.

What Is A Power Surge?

A power surge is a short, sudden burst of electricity that causes an energy spike in your home’s electrical current.

What Causes A Power Surge?

Lightning storms and utility grid switching come to mind. But did you know most power surges happen within your home? It’s true—automated on/off switches on larger equipment like your A/C unit or refrigerator can cause smaller power surges, which often go undetected.

What Happens To My Equipment?

A power surge causes a spike in voltage that your equipment wasn’t designed to handle. This can damage or even fry the circuit board inside the equipment, rendering it unusable.

How Can I Protect My Equipment?

A whole home surge protector helps prevent damage caused by power surges. We can help you get it installed and grounded correctly, so your electrical equipment keeps working as it should.

Let Viva Electric help you protect your home and electrical equipment. Call or text today to learn more about installing a whole home surge protector.

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