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Viva Electric Opens A New Location in Wilmington, NC

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In 2017 Jimmy and Maegan Giler founded Viva Electric in the greater Charlotte area and have since expanded their business to reach Lake Norman, Greenville and now Wilmington. These two Charlotte entrepreneurs are constantly attributing their success to being the best partners together in life and in business. Their determination to offer the highest quality electrical services is evident, but even more so is their passion for people. Viva Electric will be opening its newest location in Wilmington, NC in January 2022 and begin to light up the lives of the people and communities there. 

“At Viva Electric, we provide our clients quick and reliable electrical solutions for their homes and businesses, but it is our aim to do more than that,” said Maegan Giler. “At the core of our culture, we want to light up the lives of those around us including our communities, clients and co-workers. We believe in treating each other like family, spreading kindness where we can and leaving people better than when we found them.”

The History of Viva Electric

This mission has been ingrained in the fabric of Viva Electric since day one. Jimmy Giler first started out in the electrical field learning from his father-in-law Sam. Earning $8 an hour, Jimmy began to learn the intricacies of the craft and fell in love with electrical work. He received promotion after promotion and realized that he wanted to do more than work with his hands. 

Leadership and the business side of the industry began to call Jimmy’s name. “I wasn’t only working with my hands at that point; I began connecting with people and building relationships, which is what allowed me to start Viva,” he said. 

Four years later and Maegan and Jimmy Giler are opening their fourth location in Wilmington just months after launching the third location in Greenville, NC. Their rapid and tremendous growth is a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit, unshakable teamwork, and heart for the people they are helping. Viva Electric is helping to change the way people look at “dirty jobs” and inspire electricians to achieve their career goals. 

The Growth Mindset at Viva Electric

Through its market leader program, Viva Electric is empowering tradesmen and women to own their own branch of the company and light up the lives of the people within their community. The market leader program is for electricians who want to do more than work with their hands and gives them the autonomy to run their own branch. This position is meant to give the feeling of ownership without the headaches of finances, marketing, dispatching, accounting, and all things on the backend. 

The Next Step for Viva Electric

In a short amount of time, Viva Electric has already made a difference in the lives of so many throughout Charlotte, Lake Norman, Greenville and now Wilmington. With a mission to light up the lives of everyone around them, Maegan and Jimmy will continue to ignite a spark everywhere they go— and they’ve only just begun. 

Viva Electric in Wilmington opens in January of 2022 and will begin to provide the community with the highest quality residential and commercial services including electrical panel repairs and replacements, home generator installations, outlet installation, home wiring upgrades, circuit breaker repairs and more.

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