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Why Homeowners Are Choosing The Luxor Landscape Lighting System

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It’s October. Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing colors, the crisp autumn air greets you in the morning and the light smell of apple crisp and pumpkin spice fills the air. This is the time of year we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s time to make the most of it. Maybe you’ll be hosting neighborhood barbeques, maybe you’ll have birthday parties or movie nights, maybe a girls night out, but one thing’s certain, lighting can transform your space. 

Outdoor lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and has many benefits such as added security, upgraded home value, additional safety and it provides an extended entertainment space. But one system goes above and beyond to light up your life— the Luxor Landscape Lighting System.  

Take a look at eight of the top features that the Luxor Landscape Lighting System offers.

  1. Zone Control

Luxor’s zone control feature allows you to turn on/off individual groups of lights whenever you’d like. Highlight your stunning backyard features or light up the walkways, the choice is always yours. 

  1. Dimming Control

The dimming control feature allows you to go from 0 to 100 real quick. You can adjust the intensity of an individual light or a group of lights to create the ambiance you desire. 

  1. Color Control

Whether you want to light your house up in purple for a birthday party or keep things traditional with white lights, you can choose from 30,000 different colors to maximize your design. 

  1. Theme Creation

It’s time to get creative! You can set up 40 different themes to reflect seasons, holidays or special occasions. Maybe you’ll create a teal and black theme for a Panthers home game or orange and purple for this year’s Halloween festivities— the choice is yours!

  1. Event-based Programming

The Luxor system can add to your home’s security with event-based programming. This feature allows you to turn custom themes or lighting fixtures on and off multiple times throughout the night ensuring your home is never in total darkness. 

  1. Calendar-based Programming

Going out of town and don’t want to waste energy? Calendar-based programming allows you to set specific programs to run only when specified within a certain date range. 

  1. Wireless control 

Whether you use iOS or Android devices, you can control the Luxor system wirelessly from the palm of your hand. Simply download the app, log in and begin lighting up your house any time and any way you choose. 

  1. Smart Home Integration

Luxor is the most advanced and flexible low-voltage landscape lighting transformer on the market. You can integrate and control the Luxor system using the latest and most popular smart home systems on the market. 

At Viva Electric we understand the importance of outdoor lighting and the added value it can bring not only to your home but also to your life. We believe in lighting up the lives of our clients in the best way we know how, and for outdoor lighting, the Luxor Landscape System is it. 

If you’re ready to enjoy your backyard to its fullest potential, increase the value of your home and be the light of the neighborhood party, give our team a call and ask about the Luxor Landscape Lighting System or book your appointment online

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