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Viva Electric Offers Home Generator Financing Solutions

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As the summer storms begin to roll through the Charlotte region, home generators become an invaluable asset for Charlotte homeowners. Weather related power outages increased 52% in the Charlotte/ Mecklenburg area in 2020 in comparison to 2019, and many suffered the consequences. 

When you have a back-up whole home generator installed, it will detect when the power goes out and immediately begin to run, restoring power to your home. Your generator will then run until power is restored, removing the inconvenience and safety hazards that power outages can bring. 

The expert electricians at Viva Electric can hook you up with a Generac home generator so that you never have to worry about losing power again. You may think you can get by with flashlights and candles but there’s no substitute for the security that a home generator will bring. 

Viva Electric is a Generac Certified Dealer and can help answer any questions you may have about the benefits of a generator, which size is best for your home, the generator installation costs and how to troubleshoot your generator if problems occur. 

Our team can also talk with you about our generator financing solutions. Our goal is to light up the lives of those in our community, and budget restraints shouldn’t stand in the way of your security and comfort. 

While home generators are an investment for many, the peace, security, comfort and safety they provide is priceless. Viva Electric’s financing solutions allow you to experience the benefits of a whole home generator without the financial strain. 

It’s our goal to light up your life, and we can do that even when the power is out with the help of a home generator. Call today to learn more about our generator installation financing solutions. 

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